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Existing Plant and Machinery

Where a customer has suspected problems occurring on existing plant whether it is poor tracking of products, inefficiency, excessive/uneven wear on machinery parts, overheating or vibration, bearing wear or failure, a full machine survey can be carried out using our field proven techniques and accurate instrumentation to determine if misalignment does exist.

A full detailed report, which would show the exact position of the machinery/plant/parts along with a proposed recommendation of correction, would be issued giving the customer options in resolving the problems.

Quite often we find that when working on established machinery, there are no datum points or reference lines, we therefore have to establish these points as part of the alignment process the methodology would be:

Methodology Existing plant

Establish the true centre point of each part/unit throughout the machine / line. (Components or major fixed parts would often be used)
Take the mean average of the centre points.
Establish a Theoretical datum that runs parallel with the mean centre line.
Locate fixed datum targets for future use.
Use the theoretical datum line in conjunction with our instruments to check all units for: a) 90 degrees to centre line, b) Position on centre line c) Level
Some additional applications may involve checking for Flatness, Profile, Parallelism, straightness, offset and angle, vertical and horizontal planes.

New or Relocated plant / machinery or equipment

When either installing or relocating machinery or equipment, the correct alignment should be a No1 priority.

Why wait until the commissioning stage to find out that you have an alignment problem!

Our services could be offered on the following examples:

Pre-foundation survey / floor surveys to ascertain correct elevations and levels.
Marking out and fixing of all datum points.
Marking out of centre lines etc
Correctly align all components at the installation stage to a high degree of accuracy.
In addition, it is always advisable on the relocation of machinery / equipment to carry out a thorough survey prior to any dismantling works enabling accurate footprints etc to be taken along with the measurement of all critical dimensions.
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