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Paper, Printing and Packaging Any Web path process lines:

Machine alignment in the above industries is critical due to the nature of the process where a product is conveyed through a web path. With the obvious criteria being:

All rolls/units being on a common centre line.
All rolls/units being 90 degrees to centre line, (parallelism).
All rolls/units level and at the correct elevations.

Machine Centre Line / 90 degrees

Typical problems directly attributed to mis-alignment.

Poor web tracking
Slack edges/wrinkling
Excessive vibration

Mechanical failure on items such as:

Roll journals and roll covers

Packaging/ Corrugating:

Loose/separated and damaged liners
Poor corrugation
Poor glue application

By carrying out the alignment at the initial stage of a new installation or by re-aligning an existing line can result in:

Increase running speeds
Improved quality/productivity
Minimising product and energy waste
Reduction in maintenance costs /down time

Other typical applications in these industries could include:

Laser shaft alignment on pumps /motors/Gear boxes and line shafts See laser shaft alignment for more information.
Profile checks on head boxes, foils and rolls.
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Bobst / Martin 718 Rail installation

Optimech are the Bobst / Martin preferred alignment engineering company, and we carry out the rail installations for all new and relocated machines for Bobst within the UK. These rails were for the installation of a relocated Martin 718 machine. The accuracy of these rails was to less than 0.10mm for the final elevation / level.

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