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Machine alignment in the automotive industries is critical due to the accuracy and nature of the process.

Good examples of areas where the alignment should be applied For a new installation on, for example a press/blanking line the correct methodology from the offset should be-

1. Foundation survey to establish correct elevations and the general accuracy of all civil works prior to the mechanical installation.
2. The marking out/setting out of all datum / reference lines and benchmarks.
3. The installation of the base/sole plates to the correct elevation and position to exacting tolerances.
4. On the installation of every piece of equipment ensure the accurate alignment in the following three areas:
Correct position on centre lines.
90 degrees to centre line.
Level and at the correct elevation.

Sole Plates - 1200T Transfer Press “Fitted and set using Geodetic instruments.” Optimech personnel worked along side the Japanese manufacturer on the installation works, all relevant Alignment was carried out by our Engineers.
350T Press - Our Engineers worked alongside the manufacturer on the installation of this press.

Other alignment applications in the automotive industries.

The parallelism /flatness and straightness profiles of press tables.
Laser shaft alignment on drives see laser shaft alignment for further details.
The parallelism of all units on a Blanking line.
Correct alignment of Transfers / carriages.

The correct alignment can result in:

Reduced scrap / waste
Reduce energy loss
Extend component life
Greater product efficiency / faster running

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Blank Turnover Machine Installation at Nissan motor Manufacturing (UK)

Optimech carried out the complete turnkey installation on behalf of Nissan Trading Europe Ltd

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