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Surveying can be defined in many different ways, whether it is from an engineering or civil perspective.

One definition could be that surveying is the art of measuring distances, angles and positions, on or near the surface of the earth. It is an art in that only a surveyor who possesses a thorough understanding of surveying techniques will be able to determine the most efficient methods required to obtain optimal results over a wide variety of surveying problems.

Surveying is scientific to the degree that rigorous mathematical techniques are used to analyse and adjust the field survey data. The accuracy, and thus reliability, of the survey depend not only on the field expertise of the surveyor, but on the surveyors understanding of the scientific principles underlying and affecting all forms of survey measurement.

The definition can be generalised even further when looking at the subject through an engineering perspective.To accurately survey any plant/machinery using the most accurate surveying instruments and techniques for:

The actual position / physical condition of any plant / machinery with reference to angles and distances
Level (90 degrees to the earths perpendicular), and elevations

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